Get To Know Our Leaders: Bishop Anthony G. Maclin and First Lady Peggy Maclin

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Get To Know Our Leaders: Bishop Anthony G. Maclin and First Lady Peggy Maclin

At The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, we’re a baptist community of faith focused on creating a welcoming environment for our members. That means that our leaders work on our mission of a welcoming, faithful atmosphere at all times, but who are our leaders? Learn more about the two people who have been building and guiding our community, Bishop Anthony G. Maclin, and his wife, First Lady Peggy Maclin today.

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Bishop Anthony G. Maclin

Born in Washington, D.C., Pastor Anthony grew up in D.C. and attended public schools there before working to earn his Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University. Before joining The Sanctuary, he received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Richmond Virginia Seminary, as well. With his guidance and leadership as pastor, the active membership of The Sanctuary has grown to more than 3,000, and he has worked to develop and lead nearly 75 active ministries in his career so far.

By building up the church, he’s made a positive impact on not only the lives of the members he now leads, but he also has helped facilitate the financial goals of The Sanctuary by using his knowledge and skills in business. Along with the church, Pastor Maclin has been featured in many articles and magazines as a world-class pastor and businessman. He was also included in the top 100 Black Men of Washington, D.C. list, recognizing his exceptional leadership in community development. Both Bishop Maclin and his wife, First Lady Peggy Maclin, work at The Sanctuary's ministry and share their love and leadership with the communities they serve through their work.

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First Lady Peggy Maclin

First Lady Peggy Maclin is also a Washington, D.C. native, and she grew up in the area. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Theology from the Washington Bible College, and she holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Professional Counseling from Loyola University. Previously, Peggy worked with the Federal Government, and then as a Financial Specialist with the EPA, and now she plays a vital role within our community at The Sanctuary as the Minister of Membership Retention.

In addition to her role as Minister of Membership Retention, First Lady Maclin works as the Human Resources Officer, serves as the Director of Women's Ministry, and is a representative of the Ministers' Spouses Ministry within our community. Throughout her time within the church, First Lady Maclin has worked to earn her authorization to preach in addition to leading ministries, and she shares her faith, leadership, and responsibilities with Bishop Maclin at The Sanctuary.

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