How to Study the Bible as a Teen

How to Study the Bible as a Teen

Are you a teen or parent of a teen who is curious about the Bible and longing to delve deeper? Welcome to a new chapter in your faith journey. At The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square (TSAKS), we believe every young mind is hungry for the Word of God. Through our teen ministry and teen Bible study groups, we empower our teens to explore the Bible and engage with its profound teachings. The Bible is a complex tapestry of narratives, poetry, and prose, but fear not, for we are here to guide you.

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Your Family’s Role in Bible Study

One of the most effective ways to engage teens with Bible study is by leading through example. Seeing their parents or guardians delve into the Scriptures can kindle a similar interest in teens. As part of your family routine, discuss your personal insights, reflections, and questions about the Bible, encouraging your teen to share their thoughts too.

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Make Bible Study a Family Routine

Invite your teen to join your Bible study sessions and make it a family routine. This not only enhances family bonding but also provides a safe, encouraging environment for your teen to express their thoughts, doubts, and questions about the Scriptures.

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Provide the Right Materials

Understanding the Bible requires some tools. Providing your teen with an easy-to-understand Bible translation, study guides, and resources can make their Bible study journey more engaging and fruitful. Our teen church groups also offer a wealth of resources to aid in understanding the Scriptures.

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Participate in Tee Ministry and Church Groups

Joining youth church groups at TSAKS can provide a sense of community and shared learning. Our teen ministry is tailored to the unique spiritual needs of teens, offering them an engaging platform to explore the Word of God with their peers.

Studying the Bible as a teen might seem daunting, but remember that every great journey starts with a single step. With family support, the right resources, and involvement in church groups, your journey into the Word of God can be a fulfilling and enriching experience. At TSAKS, we are here to walk this journey with you, every step of the way. Why not join our teen ministry this Sunday and take the first step toward a lifelong journey of faith?

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