The Importance And Benefits Of Joining A Local Community Church

The Importance And Benefits Of Joining A Local Community Church

The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square is a Baptist community of faith. Located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, our church has been growing its community since 1927. We pride ourselves on spreading the Word of God and continuing to grow our community and relationships with one another. Read more to find out how our community can benefit you.


Find Your Community

We understand the importance of finding a community that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. At The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, all are welcome. We are a diverse Baptist community that seeks to spread the Word of God and help each other grow stronger in their faith. When you step inside our church, you’ll feel the energy and love connect to you, indicating that you have found your home within the community.

woman holding her hands up in worship

Strengthen Your Relationship With God

The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square provides a space where you can strengthen your relationship with God and His followers. Joining a community of faith signifies your relationship with God and shows that you are not ashamed about your faith. Joining a church is something that we are called to do as His followers. Our community encourages one another to become not only stronger in faith but to become role models of our faith and encourage others to seek out the Word of God.

Members of the church serving the community

Get Involved

Our community is more than worship services. We are a community of people who live in the light of God and follow his teachings by showing grace to others. We believe in not only building the community of faith but the community around us by serving people in the way we were called to do. Our church has many volunteer opportunities that allow for our members to serve by following our seven core values: Word, Worship, Work, Witness, Will, Wealth, and Walk. These are the seven values we believe that everyone in our community of faith needs to live by in order to fulfill the calling of God.

Man holding  up his bible in his hands during a worship service

Find Ministries

There are ministries for every person at The Kingdom at Sanctuary Square. These ministries give people the opportunity to fulfill their biblical roles and responsibilities while growing their faith in God. Check out our website to learn more about the ministries within the church!

We are so excited to welcome you into our community of faith and help you grow your faith in God. We have been called to this community to spread the Word of God and connect with His followers. Contact us to learn more and see if The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square is the right community for you!