The Importance Of Women's Ministry In The Church

The Importance Of Women's Ministry In The Church

At The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, our vision for our women’s ministry is to uplift, educate, support, equip and empower God’s women, whom we affectionately call OUR SISTERS. We’re on a mission to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we believe that the women’s ministry is both vital and necessary to growing as believers. Here’s what you can expect from our ministry as we work to help others grow in their faith while we meet their needs.

The women of The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square worshipping.


First, our mission is to uplift the women in our congregation and in our community. When we lift each other up, there’s nothing that we cannot achieve as a church — and that’s why we uplift others, both in prayers and in our actions.

Two women from The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square pray with one another.


Having a support system within your religious community is an absolute necessity. When women visit our church, our mission is to build goodwill among those who are closest to us while also welcoming newcomers with open arms. This support helps to foster the bonds of friendship while building one another up.

First Lady Reverend Peggy Maclin


Equipping women with the tools to further the global mission of the church is a focus for us. We want to help each woman use her God-given gifts to help her church, her community, her city, and the world. When we equip women for service, we make our world a better place for everyone.

A woman from The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square Baptist church raises her hands in worship.


Perhaps most importantly, it’s our goal to empower women to live for Christ. We challenge each woman to use her talents to build others up and foster spiritual growth and renewal. Our mission is to be a living embodiment of Joshua 1:9: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Led by Director First Lady Reverend Peggy Maclin, our women’s ministry at The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square provides nurturing, encouragement, and care to those around us. Learn more about our ministry programs, find upcoming events, or watch our live stream. Or, of course, you can plan a visit today. We look forward to meeting you!

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