What Does Our Men's Ministry Do?

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What Does Our Men's Ministry Do?

The Men’s Ministry of The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square is positioned to help Christian brothers by providing the resources they need to help them fulfill their roles and responsibilities according to God’s word. We study the bible and pray together to help strengthen our relationship with God. We also help men become strong spiritual leaders and leaders of their respective families.

Discover more on how Christian brothers live Kingdom-fulfilled lives in Jesus Christ with the support of the men’s ministry in today’s post.

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Study The Bible

Our ‘For Men Only’ bible study is held weekly to help men study the word and discover God’s purpose for them as men and leaders of their homes. We also schedule regular bible training classes, pray together, and other ministry events aimed at exploring God’s word and discovering his mind for men.

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Strength Relationship With God

We believe that men who serve their families and the church diligently can only do so from a place of a strong relationship with God. All of our activities are aimed at accomplishing this purpose — helping men strengthen their relationship with God and through the help of their brothers.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

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Serve The Church And Families

Every man’s calling is to lead both in his family and the society at large. Our men’s ministry consists of brothers who are committed to serving God in the church, their family, and in the broader society.

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Become Spiritual Leaders

Full of the Holy Spirit, our men are positioned to lead others when the opportunity arises. Our activities are aimed at helping men develop ministry potentials in accordance with the mission of the Church and the purpose of God.

Our Men’s Ministry is a gathering of spiritual men set with the purpose of helping men understand the scriptures, grow in their relationship with God, and develop their potential as leaders in life and ministry. We welcome you to join our men’s ministry in various activities aimed at achieving these noble purposes.

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