College Disciples Ministry

College Disciples Ministry

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to produce young adults that are confident, competent, and consecrated to pursue territory and advance the kingdom. It is our desire to assist every young person who is determined to pursue academic advancement with necessary resources to excel in their endeavors. Our desire is to encourage and help develop young adults with competent skills and solid biblical foundations to reach their full kingdom potential.

College Disciples Ministry Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote spiritual growth and academic excellence to college students of The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square (TSAKS) by creating an environment where the College Disciples Ministry is well connected and play an essential role in the college student’s life.

Scriptural Foundation:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9 (NIV)

Ministry Goals:

  1. Partner with other ministries to have resources in place that will encourage academic advancement for college students.

  2. Minister kingdom perspectives and biblical truths to produce confident men and women who know their purpose and are ready to establish the kingdom.

  3. Provide ministry that promotes and produces mature spiritual growth and service within our local church and community.

  4. Create a bridge of safe and healthy transition into adulthood and the professional world.

  5. Promote and increase college awareness to the entire Sanctuary family.

Expectations of TSAKS College Students:

  • appropriately represent God, their church, and their family while attending college
  • attend church services and maintain spiritual devotions while attending college
  • reach out to College Disciples Ministry and fellow students when there is a need for support
  • respond to calls, text messages, and emails from the Ministry Minister and Ministry Coordinator
  • attend church services when home during college breaks and holidays and participate in planned ministry activities

Meeting Schedule:

The ministry meets on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, and October). The meetings consist of the ministry leaders and committee members. In July, college students are invited to attend the meeting in efforts of getting their input for the upcoming year ministry calendar. However, when planning activities and events we meet as needed.

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