Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

Vision Statement:

A ministry that communicates, empowers, and reinforces the Biblical teachings of marriage.

Mission Statement:

A ministry that effectively and proficiently teaches the Word of God, as it relates to marriage, to the following target audience: singles with the desire to be married; couples who are considering marriage; engaged, newlywed, and married couples. We will achieve our mission through the use of Bible training classes, ministry events, ministry website, social media, and other out-of-the-box ideas to:

  • establish the presence of Jesus Christ as the continual foundation for marriage success

  • terminate any strongholds that can potentially destroy the covenant of marriage

  • strengthen couples in financial management to help them to live kingdom-fulfilled lives

  • constantly communicate and adhere to the needs of all couples within The Sanctuary

Scriptural Foundation:

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1 (NIV)

Team-Oriented Structure:

  • Team members will agree to and implement the mandates outlined within the manual.

  • Ministry event proposals will be developed with the intention of fulfilling the Vision and Mission Statements of The Sanctuary and Marriage Ministry.

  • Goals and objectives developed for each ministry event will be purposely constructed to be challenging and realistically attainable.

  • Decisions concerning the ministry will be made by consensus or individually, as needed.

  • Team meetings will be efficient and task oriented.

  • Meeting minutes will be promptly recorded and distributed to all team members.

  • All team members will be kept informed of any developments that affect the ministry.

  • Deadlines, milestones, and responsibilities will be clearly established and agreed upon for each ministry event.

  • Conflict within the team will be acknowledged and openly discussed; with an immediate resolution made and agreed upon.

  • Team members will be open and friendly toward one another.

  • Team members will provide consistent, unwavering, and loving support toward one another and other supporting ministries.

  • Team members will be vigilant in praying for the anointed covering of all couples within The Sanctuary.

Primary Marriage Ministry Events:

  • Couples Sunday

  • Married Couples Retreat

  • Married Couples Prayer Service

  • Marriage Ministry Workshops

  • Marriage Ministry Conference

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