Photography Ministry

Photography Ministry

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Photography Ministry is to capture moments successfully that will leave a legacy for our future generations and contribute to the history of the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Photography Ministry is to document the life and historical events of the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, as the church praises, worships and save souls for Jesus Christ. The Photography Ministry is unique as it serves solely as support to the other ministries of the church, capturing events that can possibly be featured on the Sanctuary website, Kingdom Living Magazine, and providing materials for church promotional and reference materials.

Scriptural Foundation:

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Colossians 3:23

Ministry Guidelines and Procedures:

  1. Photography Team will faithfully respect the privacy of members and visitors at TSAKS.
  2. Photography Team will be prepared at all times to capture the unexpected moments that occur, therefore have your camera and equipment available for worship service, requested events and the unanticipated moments.
  3. Monthly meeting held first Thursday of every month and missing three consecutive meetings will be grounds for dismissal.
  4. Photography Team members must accept a minimum of two assignments per month to remain active in the ministry.
  5. Each Sunday service there will be a primary and secondary team member to capture highlighted moments, new members, and special guest. Check the posted calendar to confirm your backup person.
  6. Personal digital cameras are required for all team members.
  7. Immediately after each service new members photos will be taken in designated area.
  8. Email the new members photos to church administrative office no later than the following Tuesday.
  9. Use discretion when taking photos, especially in the altar and center isle areas.
  10. Upload to the photography website/computer NLT a week following the event date.
  11. Photography requests come directly from the church administrative office through the ministry President. If other requests are made the Photography Ministry President must confirm it.
  12. All pictures must be released through the church administrative office. Do not post and share.
  13. Ministry members acknowledge that all pictures are property of The Sanctuary.
  14. Ministry members under 18 years of age can take pictures only of the Youth Ministry events.

ATTIRE: While on assigned duty, each photographer is required to wear ministry attire, black shirt with black bottom.

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