Usher Ministry

Usher Ministry

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to promote an atmosphere of continuous peace, order, and serenity in The Sanctuary and by fulfilling God’s purpose through service to others, being on one accord, and keeping watch that all things are done decently and in order.

Mission Statement:

The Usher Ministry consists of persons representing a cross section of the congregation who are doorkeepers in the House of God. As doorkeepers, we have been called to occupy a strategic office in the life and image of the church. We endeavor to watch for those entering the sanctuary with heartfelt greetings, engaging the Spirit of Christ within us, and offering assistance whenever needed and called upon . Our primary mission is to serve the Lord through our service to His people and to all who enter this place as we joyfully seek to be the doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.

Scriptural Foundation:

“I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Psalm 84:10

Ministry Goals:

  • To effectively discharge the duties of this ministry to which we believe we have been called by God with all faithfulness and willingness of heart.
  • To be consistent and constantly aware that the proper functioning of this ministry can help people to come expectantly into the presence of the Lord and become renewed in His sanctuary.
  • To maintain Christian character and deportment; to be sensitive, calm, well-groomed, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, and understanding.
  • To be people of prayer and diligence; possessing critical thinking skills; to be alert, efficient and effective in all that we do to facilitate the worship experience.
  • To make each individual feel welcome, comfortable, and prepared for worship.
  • To serve our Lord through service rendered to others.

Ministry Groups:

  • Junior/Teen Ushers (ages 7-19)

  • Intermediate Ushers (ages 20-45)

  • Senior Ushers (ages 46 and above)

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